Chants of a Lifetime 

Celebrate the special transitions in your life with a custom-composed English chant. Imagine yourself or a loved one being sung to by a group of family and friends during your gathering. Whether it’s a birthday, religious rite of passage, baby naming or adoption, wedding, memorial, retirement or other honoring event, you can commission a chant composed especially for the celebrant.

The Process 

I interview several people close to the celebrant to learn about what makes them special. I then compose a two or three part chant, which sometimes incorporates the meaning of the person’s name. 

You will receive: 

A digital copy of the chant, each part separately and as it is sung altogether 
A written copy of the lyrics 

You can: 

Learn and teach it yourself 
Have an internet coaching session with me 
Have an in-person coaching session with me 
Bring me to your area to lead the chant at your event 

Prices are negotiated based on the services you choose. Go to  CONTACT for more information.