The Source of the Sound

The flow of the chants in The Source of the Sound takes you on a journey through a spiritually focused day: waking up ready to meditate, acknowledging the Source as Creator, connecting with the divine Source, our physical relationship with our Source, our partnership and responsibilities for tikkun olam/repairing the world, gratitude and praising, acceptance of our mortality, and recognition of the Mystery.

Here you can find the lyrics transliterated and translated from the Hebrew . To make the chants easy to learn, you can listen to each voice separately. 

1. Hear My Voice in the Morning

Ya, boker tishma-ee koli
Ya, at dawn, hear my voice

 2.  The Source of All That Is 

Ha borei et hakol 
The One who creates all that is

3. Creator of Day and Night 

Borei yom v’lailah 
Goleil or mip-nei choshech 
V’choschech mip-nei or 

You create day and night 
You roll away light before darkness 
And darkness before light

4.  She Descended 

V’shaviat m’dura imahen 

She descended, 
Placing Her abode among them