Kol Halev - Chanting Meditation Group

I have been leading the Kol HaLev/Voice of the Heart chanting meditation group since 1998. Each month I choose a theme and interweave periods of chanting with silent meditation. The themes can be based on the season, holidays, current events, the cultivation of personal qualities and more. We use chants that both I and others have composed. I bring in teachings from Jewish mysticism, and offer ways to apply them to one’s personal life. Each session includes time for checking in, setting a kavanah/personal intention, a healing circle, and closing reflection. Kol HaLev meets usually (but not always) on the second Sunday of the month, from 10 – 12, in Oakland, CA, and via Zoom. For more information, click here.

My teaching in the group is informed by being a graduate of the Chochmat HaLev Jewish Spiritual Leadership Program, Jewish Meditation Instructor Training one-year program, and their three-year Teacher’s Certification Program from which I received certification as a Morah L’Hitbodidut/Jewish Meditation Teacher. 

 Group members have shared such thoughts and feelings as, "I felt so much healing from this group," "During the meditations for 'Chants of Spring,' I felt my soul emerging and growing," "I had felt distant from the Divine, and now I feel much closer," and "This group is my Passover preparation."  One member elaborated: “I feel how connected and supported this group makes me feel.  The group is always there. There’s something grounding about how we celebrate the seasons and the holidays every year.  I love how Miriam integrates abstract spiritual ideas with something personal, how she offers ways of coping and being with difficult times.” 

We welcome new members. For more information, please click here.