Holistic Psychotherapy

My psychotherapy practice is rooted in a holistic approach, encompassing mind, heart, body and spirit.  This means that whatever the content you bring to our sessions individually or as a couple, we pay attention to how it is manifested and maintained in four primary ways:  your thoughts and beliefs; your emotions; your body sensations and patterns; and whatever spiritual framework, if any, you rely on. 

Holism also means that you have an innate wisdom that guides your healing. In therapy, we access and utilize this inner knowledge. 

As a therapist with a great deal of experience, I utilize an integrative approach from many orientations and techniques. Several of these include creating a safe environment where you can discuss your concerns free of judgment; Mindfulness meditation, to focus the mind and calm the spirit; a relational approach; Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic approach; EMDR, a technique which can more rapidly resolve issues of trauma, phobias, negative core beliefs and habits; Expressive Arts Therapy, utilizing drawing, writing, movement, sculpture, collage, drama, and/or voice to explore and resolve issues; Guided Visualization and Dreamwork, which engage our unconscious mind to help us deepen our self-understanding and come up with creative solutions. 

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