Why Chant and Meditate?

Why Chant? 

The Source of the Sound is a kabbala (Jewish mystical)-informed CD created to soothe and inspire you. The chants are designed to help open our hearts to the intimate presence of the Mystery that creates and sustains the universe. 

The Doorway 

Many of us traveling a conscious spiritual path are filled with longings and questions.  We want to navigate our daily life with guidance from our spiritual Center.  Chanting creates a doorway through which our consciousness can travel into the realm of Spirit.  Meditating in this space can be profound, opening us to the wisdom in our hearts.  

Stress Relief 

From regular daily stress to especially challenging times, our nervous systems can be in a state of high alert and even alarm or numbness. This reduces our capacity to be centered and responsive rather than overwhelmed and reactive. Chanting and meditation are excellent ways to calm ourselves and connect us to a sustaining Source, creating a spaciousness from which we can move forward. 

Do I have to be Jewish or know Hebrew to chant along? 

Nope! Hebrew is an ancient spiritual language. Seekers from diverse mystical paths enjoy and benefit from chanting in this sacred language. The chants are translated and transliterated on the CD jacket and (Link to chants tab)  

Do I have to be able to carry a tune to chant? 

Nope! Chanting is not the same as singing. It is centered in the heart, not the vocal chords. Connect with the meaning of the chant in whatever way works for you and let the sound emerge from your gratitude, longing, or other intention.